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This website does not collect personal information about any of its users, except in the following way:

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Google Analytics, standard Javascript software installed on many websites across the Internet, installed on this website will collect information about users, such as their IP address, general location, browser technologies, which pages of the site they visit and how long they stick around. None of this information is used by the owners of this website to personally identify any particular user, but is simply used to gather information about what types of content is working best on the site, with an intent to tailor the site to be easier to use and more useful to our users.

Site Credits

All content on this website was created by Amy Williams and is subject to copyright laws as applicable. The site was designed and developed by ClickNathan, Pittsburgh Web Design. It is built on a custom framework using responsive design methods, best practices with regards to web development and fun stuff like custom SEO and social media integration. Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and meta descriptions, that sort of thing.

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