Composer Amy Williams



Abstracted Art I (2001)


piano four-hands (4′)

Abstracted Art II (2002)


piano four-hands (4′)

Astoria (2004)


piano (4′)

Bells and Whistles (2022)

piano trio (15′)

Binary Stars (1996)

two pianos (10′)

Brigid’s Flame (2009)


piano (4′)
(also version for solo organ and version for organ with choir)

Listen: solo organ version performed live by Ere Lievonen

Child’s Play (2015)


soprano saxophone, percussion (10′)
Watch: live performance with Bent Frequency

Cineshape series (2003-2010)

for flute, percussion, piano and string quartet (60′)
with live video by Aaron Henderson
watch excerpts here

Cineshape 1 (2003)


alto flute, percussion (bass drum, crotales) (11′)

Listen: performed live by Due East

Cineshape 2 (2007)


piano, string quartet (10′)

Listen: performed by Amy Williams, JACK Quartet

Cineshape 3 (2008)


flute, cello, percussion (7′)

Cineshape 4 (2015)


piano (12′)
Watch: performed live by Clare Longendyke

Cineshape 5 (2010)


flute, piano, percussion, string quartet (8′)

Cineshape Interludes (2016)

#1: piano (1′)
#2: violin/percussion (1′)
#3: alto flute/violin/viola (1′)
#4: string quartet (1′)

Listen: performed by Lindsey Goodman (flute), Scott Christian (piano), Amy Williams (piano) and the JACK Quartet

Crossings (2009)


piano four-hands (10′)

Don’t Tell Susan! (1993)

double-bass (8′)

Dream Landscape (2012)

percussion quartet (2 vibraphones, 2 glockenspiels, 8 triangles) (10′)

Listen: performed live by the Fredonia Percussion Ensemble

Duo (2011)


alto saxophone, piano (8′)

Listen: movement 2, performed live by Matthew Younglove and Stephanie Titus

Falling (2012)


piano (4′)

Listen: performed by Amy Williams

First Lines (2006)


flute, piano (11′)

Flood Lines (2013)

orchestra (6′)

Listen: excerpt performed live by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra,
Manfred Honeck, conductor

Fünf Worte (2017)


soprano voice and Indian harmonium (10′)

Give Way (2020)

cello and piano (5′)
Listen: performed live by Jay Campbell and Amy Williams

In the Shadows: Microlude for György Kurtág (2017)

piano four-hands (3′)

JB Montage (2003)

brass ensemble (7′)

(also version for saxophone ensemble and version for brass quintet: JB Clips)

Ligamy (2015)

flute, clarinet, violin, cello (3′)
Listen: performed live by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

Lukas Observed (2020)

solo vibraphone (3′)

Mise-en-Scène (2016)

small wind ensemble (wind septet, saxophone quartet, brass quintet and percussion quartet) (18′)

Mørkekammer (1993)

piano solo, string orchestra, harp, percussion (8′)

On and On (2022)

for two pianos (6′)

Over, Above (2023)

alto flute, viola, vibraphone and piano (8′)

Piano Portraits (Books I and II) (2019-2020)

ten pieces for solo piano (25′)
Watch: Book II performed by Clare Longendyke

Pulse Stream (2006)

orchestra (8′)

Quodlibet (2016)

flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello and piano (8′)

Richter Textures (2011)


string quartet in seven movements

Watch: performed by the JACK Quartet

Sala Luminosa (2004)

piano solo, chamber orchestra (10′)

Sextet (2001)

piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (8′)

Listen: performed live by the Empyrean Ensemble

Stop/Yield (2015)


cello, piano (5′)
Listen: performed live by Jay Campbell and Amy Williams

Study in Syntax 1: Embers (Beckett) (2017)

viola and piano (8′)

Switch (2014)


piano four-hands (8′)

Tangled Madrigal (2024)

string quartet (15′)

Telephone (2021)

for 13 players (10′)

Listen: excerpt performed live by Orpheus

Unison… (2018)

four of the same instruments (10′)

Watch: version for four vibraphones performed by the UNCG Percussion Ensemble

Watch: version for four guitars performed by Instruments of Happiness

Univocity (2009)

saxophone quartet (5′)

Listen: performed by the H2 Quartet

Urquintett (2020)

soprano voice and string quartet (20′)

verre-glaz (1999)

large chamber ensemble (10′)

Wrest (2005)


violin, piano (5′)

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