Composer Amy Williams



Abstracted Art I (2001)


piano four-hands (4′)

Abstracted Art II (2002)


piano four-hands (4′)

Astoria (2004)


piano (4′)

Binary Stars (1996)

two pianos (10′)

Brigid’s Flame (2009)


piano (4′)
(also version for solo organ and version for organ with choir)

Listen: solo organ version performed live by Ere Lievonen

Child’s Play (2015)


soprano saxophone, percussion (10′)

Cineshape 1 (2003)


alto flute, percussion (bass drum, crotales) (11′)

Listen: performed live by Due East

Cineshape 2 (2007)


piano, string quartet (10′)

Listen: performed by Amy Williams, JACK Quartet

Cineshape 3 (2008)


flute, cello, percussion (7′)

Cineshape 4 (2015)


piano (12′)
Watch: performed live by Clare Longendyke

Cineshape 5 (2010)


flute, piano, percussion, string quartet (8′)

Cineshape Interludes (2016)

#1: piano (1′)
#2: violin/percussion (1′)
#3: alto flute/violin/viola (1′)
#4: string quartet (1′)

Listen: performed by Lindsey Goodman (flute), Scott Christian (piano), Amy Williams (piano) and the JACK Quartet

Crossings (2009)


piano four-hands (10′)

Don’t Tell Susan! (1993)

double-bass (8′)

Dream Landscape (2012)

percussion quartet (2 vibraphones, 2 glockenspiels, 8 triangles) (10′)

Listen: performed live by the Fredonia Percussion Ensemble

Duo (2011)


alto saxophone, piano (8′)

Listen: movement 2, performed live by Matthew Younglove and Stephanie Titus

Falling (2012)


piano (4′)

Listen: performed by Amy Williams

First Lines (2006)


flute, piano (11′)

Flood Lines (2013)

orchestra (6′)

Listen: excerpt performed live by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra,
Manfred Honeck, conductor

Give Way (2020)

cello and piano (5′)
Listen: performed live by Jay Campbell and Amy Williams

Fünf Worte (2017)

soprano voice and Indian harmonium (10′)

In the Shadows: Microlude for György Kurtág (2017)

piano four-hands (3′)

JB Montage (2003)

brass ensemble (7′)

(also version for saxophone ensemble and version for brass quintet: JB Clips)

Ligamy (2015)

flute, clarinet, violin, cello (3′)
Listen: performed live by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble

Lukas Observed (2020)

solo vibraphone (3′)

Mise-en-Scène (2016)

small wind ensemble (wind septet, saxophone quartet, brass quintet and percussion quartet) (18′)

Mørkekammer (1993)

piano solo, string orchestra, harp, percussion (8′)

Piano Portraits (Books I and II) (2019-2020)

ten pieces for solo piano (25′)
Watch: Book II performed by Clare Longendyke

Pulse Stream (2006)

orchestra (8′)

Quodlibet (2016)

flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello and piano (8′)

Richter Textures (2011)


string quartet in seven movements

Watch: performed by the JACK Quartet

Sala Luminosa (2004)

piano solo, chamber orchestra (10′)

Sextet (2001)

piccolo, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (8′)

Listen: performed live by the Empyrean Ensemble

Stop/Yield (2015)


cello, piano (5′)
Listen: performed live by Jay Campbell and Amy Williams

Study in Syntax 1: Embers (Beckett) (2017)

viola and piano (8′)

Switch (2014)


piano four-hands (8′)

Unison… (2018)

four of the same instruments (10′)

Watch: version for four guitars performed by Instruments of Happiness

Univocity (2009)

saxophone quartet (5′)

Listen: performed by the H2 Quartet

Urquintett (2020)

soprano voice and string quartet (20′)

verre-glaz (1999)

large chamber ensemble (10′)

Wrest (2005)


violin, piano (5′)

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